Who we are

Republicans are people like you who simply want what’s best for Britain. Our campaign is supported by ordinary hard working people from all corners of the country and from all walks of life. We are united in a belief in responsibility, aspiration and, above all, democracy.

Republic’s diverse membership represents the full social and political spectrum. We are bound together by a few simple principles and a single ambition: a republican constitution, the right to a democratic head of state and an end to the monarchy.

Republic Scotland is a part of the broader UK-wide Republic campaign. We have set up to help mobilise and motivate supporters within Scotland, to help the campaign lobby within Scottish devolved politics and to build support across Scotland for the abolition of the monarchy and a new republican constitution.

Republic Scotland, as a part of Republic, is non-partisan and draws support from across the political spectrum.

We take no view on the question of independence, we simply want everyone in the UK to have the right to choose their head of state and to govern themselves through a written republican constitution.  Whether Scotland chooses to do that separately from the rest of the UK in the future is quite another debate.